G2Link is revolutionizing the B2B trust and business reputation market.  With its socialytics based software rating platform, G2Link provides critical, real-time insight into a company’s most important business relationships – resulting in a more informed and accurate assessment of a company’s ability to meet their business obligations. Designed specifically for businesses, it is being used by sales, finance and procurement professionals.



For decades, businesses only had one way to understand and measure a company’s business performance – through the traditional credit rating agencies. 

The key value provided by the combination of Trust and Reputation is the ability to monitor portfolios of companies and assess their risk individually or as a group over time.  This is critical for any business especially for financial institutions where there are regulatory obligations to provide oversight of key customers, vendors and partners.  With this tool companies reduce their cost of oversight and proactively manage their regulatory obligations. 



  • Research Prospects
  • Monitor Customers
  • Sell, Upsell and Resell


  • Automation
  • Scale
  • Increased Productivity


  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Compliance Exchange
  • Vendor Performance
  • Risk Management