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Peer Collaboration

G2Link provides a way for companies to rate each other without the expensive and cumbersome layers added to the process by the big business credit bureaus.  Ratings can be provided from multiple business aspects.  For example,  as a customer, vendor and partner. 

G2Link’s proprietary methodology evaluates and weights each rating by relevancy, validation and reputation.  The ratings are anonymous yet validated to ensure adequate and appropriate impact.  




Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Trust:  firm belief in the ability, reliability, truth or strength of a business.

G2Link provides a way for companies to increase their Trust by enabling them to own their own profile, update data directly and invite their key advisors to rate them or certify them on key events such as audits, insurance or other credentials.  These certifications can either be one time or recurring depending on the level of Trust desired.  For instance, a company that receives and discloses annual audits may be more trustworthy than an company that does not share this information. 


B2B Reputation is the sum total of the opinions of a company’s true peers:  other companies currently engaged in business relationships whether as a customer, vendor or partner.  These relationships are the key to understanding a company’s true performance.  The G2Link platform enables you to create categories of companies and track their reputation performance over time.